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Simcountry Flag. As President you can upload a flag for your country.

Simcountry: The Share Market

Enter the Simcountry Game. Become President of a Country or CEO of a large Enterprise Corporation
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The Share Market

Simcountry is a Virtual Worlds Game with many economic and Financial features. Large corporations can perform an IPO (virtual IPO) and trade their virtual shares on the virtual share market. Share trading is very active with billions of shares traded daily. If you are the largest shareholder of a public corporation, you are the CEO and in control of the corporation.

Trading on the share market can be used to gain control of major corporations. Public corporations are able to develop to higher quality levels and become more efficient. Bring many of your corporations to the stock market. Develop these corporations and generate high income.

Active share trading allows you to become partner in the best corporations. Dividend income and profit from shares will increase your financial power and influence

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